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United States New Immigration Policy to Affect Millions

President Donald Trump has just offered an immigration policy that will affect millions in America. The proposed United States immigration policy is said to provide a patch to citizenship for as many as 1.8 million young, undocumented immigrants but with a very hard bargain.

Is Donald Trump Presidency White Supremacist?

Is Donald Trump a white supremacist or is he really a patriotic American.  According to the new policy in exchange for citizenship, the president proposes an end to decades of family-based migration policies, a massive border wall and a vast crackdown on other illegal immigrants already living in the country.

During his campaign, President Trump had already said that he would create a border wall.  A border wall which is slammed by many and is said to be unnecessary.  However, to some this is a good thing because it will make America for Americans.

Will the New Immigration Policy Pass US Congress and US Senate?

“We will oppose it. Most if not all Democrats will oppose it. Some Republicans will, too,” said Frank Sharry, the executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration group. “We are not going to allow Stephen Miller to exploit a crisis that he and his boss created to take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty and enact his nativist wish list.

It is definitely getting a hard opposition.  The United States new immigration policy which is going to affect millions is drafted by Stephen Miller.  Miller is Trumps hard-line domestic policy adviser.  It is co-drafter by John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff.

The good thing however is that this proposed plan is rejected outright by Democrats, pro-mmigration activists and surprisingly fellow Republicans.  In fact, there is already a bipartisan group in both houses which is trying to enact a narrowed down bill which addresses the issue.

What do you think of Trumps Border Wall and immigration policy?  Do you think he is a white supremacist?

Reference:  New York Times

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