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The Pambansang Blogger Issue

It was almost a week in a row that I continue to see posts about bashings and statuses relating to an issue about the term, "Pambansang Blogger."  This term by searching through Facebook will point either to Wazzup Pilipinas or Ross Flores del Rosario, a fellow blogger.  What's with the issue?

Disclaimer: This post is me trying to make sense of everything going on. No harm intended.

I will admit that I had worked with Ross for the radio program Wazzup Pilipinas Radio on DZRJ for 13 episodes.  The show was terminated after its first season to give way to other weekend radio block programs.

During my brief interaction with Ross, I would say that he is very vocal, active and he will grab every opportunity that comes his way.  He presents himself well to various companies and contacts and writes very actively as well through the website Wazzup Pilipinas.

Why Pambansang Blogger?

Perhaps the issue is not Ross per se but his use of the term, "Pambansang Blogger," to refer to himself and blog.  Most fellow bloggers would ask, "What gives him the right to use that title anyway?"

The thing is in the Philippines we can use any title we want as long as it is not a registered name or trademark.  So, as long as the term Pambansang Blogger is not owned by anyone, Ross or any other person can use the term for that matter.

You see, in the world of blogging and marketing, making your name standout among other is one of the key to get connections, invites and more.

Why did I even write about this article?

Though personally I believe that no one should call oneself as a "Pambansang Blogger," unless he/she trademarked that - which I also think is not proper, I respect if the blogger wants to use that branding or any branding for that matter.

If someone wants to call himself - "Ang Lodi Blogger ng Pinas," or "Pinas Werpa Blogger," or  any other title then it is his/her right.  It is just sad to read things like this in your newsfeed.  I just hope that bloggers in the Philippines would just help one another and be united instead of trying to outshine each other.

Again, I am not siding with anyone in this issue.  If I have one recommendation, and if I am the one involved, I would just let go of "Pambansang Blogger," under my name.

Thanks for reading.

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