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Is The Simpsons the Nostradamus of Television?

With the agreement of Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox and the revelation that The Simpsons did show a semblance to it way back in 1998 we have a new question.  Our question now is - Is The Simpsons the Nostradamus of television?

The Simpson's Predictions

We were surprised to see a tweet with the evidence that The Simpsons indicated in its show what would happen almost 19 years into the future.  A Led screen shows the 20th Century Fox logo with the text at the bottom saying, "A Division of Walt Disney Co."

Our first question was, is this even a legitimate episode?

Well, since Fox is the producer of The Simpsons perhaps their dream is really to be part of Walt Disney in the future.

Donald Trump and The Simpsons

The Simpsons as the Nostradamus of television started to unfold when the show also predicted the election of Donald Trump.

So what can you say?  Is The Simpsons really the Nostradamus of television?  What will they predict next or have you seen any other predictions of The Simpsons?  Please let us know.

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