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Pacific Rim Uprising Initial Review, Trailer and HD Pics

The first ever PACIFIC RIM UPRISING trailer is officially out as well as new HD photos from the movie.  Everyone seems to be excited about this high caliber and heart pounding mega robotic action packed and fighting movie of the year.  Can it really be better than the first and can the trailer deliver the real content of the movie?

Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Review

What do you think of the trailer above?  As for me here are some of my initial review of the movie based on the Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer:

  • There will be lots of battle and it will be epic, I hope.
  • There will be human enemies.... hmmmmm.
  • A love angle perhaps.
  • Seems that we will be seeing tons of awesome graphics and effects.
What do you think of the new Jaeger by the way?

Pacific Rim New HD Photos

Here are some new HD photos from Pacific Rim Uprising which we would also like to share.

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