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Horrific Mass Killing in Las Vegas: Finding Preventive S

58 people were dead and at least 515 were injured in the most notorious and deadly shooting incident in US history.  A lone gunmen suddenly shot people right from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino as indicated by a broken window.  The victims were attendees of the Route 91 Harvest Festival.  It was horrific and unimaginable.  How do we solve a problem like this in the future?

How was the Las Vegas shooting been possible?

Police told the news that there were multiple riffles in the room were the gunman was located.  How was that even possible?  How did the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino not detected it?  It would be impossible for a very secured hotel to acquire entry of such illegal guns.

These guns are take note already banned by current US gun control law thus even if the gunmen has a license it would not suffice.  Security of the hotel should be investigated and if there are lapses they should also be held responsible for negligence.

Stricter Gun Control Law

Once again there are calls for a more stringent Gun Control Law in the United States.

Since 1970, more Americans have died from guns (including suicides, murders and accidents) than the sum total of all the Americans who died in all the wars in American history, back to the American Revolution. Every day, some 92 Americans die from guns, and American kids are 14 times as likely to die from guns as children in other developed countries, according to David Hemenway of Harvard.

Although, it is true that the current gun control law already prohibits the weapon it would not be harmful to amend it in order to help prevent this in the future.  Some suggestions are:

  1. Impose a 21-year old age limit.
  2. Universal background checks on anyone who is buying a gun.
  3. Limit number of guns that a person can purchase.
  4. Make serial numbers hard to remove.
  5. Adopt measure to easily track gun cartridges.
  6. Find a way to promote use of smart guns.
  7. Require safe storage of guns to reduce possible theft, suicide or accidental use.
It is about time that things like this be done.

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