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Delays at The Chainsmokers Manila 2017 Concert

The Chainsmokers Manila 2017 got delayed by a day!  The concert was set September 13 but the actual concert was held a day late - September 14.  Fans of the famous dance duo rant it out on Facebook as they allegedly waited for a very long time before the actual start of the show which started past 12 midnight.

What Caused The Chainsmokers Manila 2017 Delay?

The Chainsmokers is best known for their huge hits including "Closer," "Don't Let Me Down" and "Roses," among others.  Fans are eagerly awaiting their concert at the Mall of Asia Arena.  We seen posts on Facebook that the actual state, lights and sounds was just setup at past 12 midnight already.

You can expect that fans are most probably at the venue as early as 8PM only to see an unprepared setup at the Mall of Asia Arena.  The concert started around 1am and ended past 2am already.

We were unsure what caused the actual delay of the concert but this is an incident that should not happen again in the future.  It is the fault of the concert organizer?  Were there security problems?  We do not know yet.

Amazing Music and Lights Show

The Chainsmokers Manila 2017 was an amazing show of music and lights.  Even though the concert started late we are sure that fans enjoyed the event.

Are you at The Chainsmokers Manila 2017?  Share us your experience and what really happened.

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