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Making great choices, MGC marks first year anniversary

Life choices make us who we are and that’s what the Mr. Group of Companies (MGC) is all about – making great choices.

In its first year anniversary, the company has created a milestone of achievements in the different companies that they have handled throughout the past year. With its five companies at hand, Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions, Inc., Mr. Click eMarketing Services, Inc., Mr. Sweet Marketing Corp., Mr. Green Rural Development, and Mr. Cool International Trading Corp., MGC aims to be a publicly listed company by year 2020 registered at the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Bold Dreams to Real Results to MGC

Bold dreams entail great choices and as for the company’s chairman and CEO, Rowi Bautista, his greatest life choice was to get out of poverty. Born and raised in a poor family, Bautista was driven to get himself out of his situation and used quality education as his path to success. And yet, “My choice to outsmart poverty thru quality education was obviously not an easy path,” Bautista said during the first year anniversary of MGC held at Marco Polo in Ortigas. “I have almost given up.”

Rowi Bautista, president and chairman of Mr. Group of Companies(MGC) talked about his path on how he put up MGC to what it is today. 

Throughout his career, his life choices and experiences had affirmed him that the sacrifices he had made were given light through the success he has today. It has been his motivation to keep moving forward and every step he has made was opportunity to grow.

“I came up with a realization that we must think global but act local,” Bautista said. With this kind of mindset, MGC is set to see its companies soar in the market. Its main goal though in the next three years is to support and empower micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines.

With this, on MGC’s first year anniversary, the company is opening to the public its doors for potential investors. The holding company has launched an “Angel Investment Platform,” which will serve as the “bridge” between MSMEs and the potential investors, the “angels”. The MGC team would match MSMEs to its rightful angels and grow the business together with high return ventures without being exposed in much risk.

Romeo Sustiguer Jr., president of MGC commends the whole company for making great choices in delivering customer-centric service to their business units and end-users of their products.

Although the concept is not new, MGC wants to redefine the concept of angel investing. For Bautista, “profit interests should only come second,” explaining that angel investing platforms are offered mainly because it is supposed to connote the willingness to help and support others.

Moving Forward Into the Future

Looking through the stability and credibility of MGC, investors are assured that their investments are safe and secure. MGC will provide proper guidance and coaching, and on top of that, the assurance for success that hopefully will become available for MSMEs.

Bautista envisions a country with more entrepreneurs that can spur more economic growth for the nation. “The MSMEs in the Philippines compose the 99.5% part of the total establishments in the country,” which means that the more investors who would capitalize in the MSMEs where high growth was seen in the last five years, there will be a constant rise of economic figures for the country in the next years.

Mr. Group of Companies(MGC) awards the top performing employees in celebration of their one year anniversary.

“Our company has made a great choice of delivering customer-centric service to our business units and ultimately to the end-users of our various products and services,” said Romeo Sustiguer Jr., president of MGC. “We will not just push our products and services but we go out of our way to provide solutions.”

Bautista wants the bandwagon effect and with a vision to raise a 100 million peso capital by 2020 to be publicly listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange, the test comes from within – to constantly keep the drive and determination to outsmart challenges in the playing field of business and investing.

“Let us not be afraid to face life and outsmart challenges, let us make great choices,” Bautista reminded the MGC group. Becoming a large company in the future would not only help MSMEs but the Filipino people in effect – a great choice for this grassroots Filipino company.

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