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President Rodrigo Duterte SONA 2017 Reactions

In previous years, we always had our reaction to the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the President of the Philippines.  This year we are making another article which will tackle how we see the address of the president.  Here is out President Rodrigo Duterte SONA 2017 Reactions.

Tone and Rhetoric

President Rodrigo Duterte SONA 2017 Reactions started by greeting every member of the Cabinet including Vice President Robredo which is very commendable.  He did not hold any grudge against anyone present during his SONA.  This is very unlikely of him where he can just ignore people which he doesn't like.

His tone was the usual machismo and strong personality.  He curses from now and then and shows how strong he is.  This is very typical of President Rodrigo Duterte.

(You can check the full test of President Duterte SONA here)

Key Notes to be Considered from Duterte SONA2016

We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back. Finger-pointing is not the way. That is why I will not waste precious time dwelling on the sins of the past or blaming those who are perceived to be responsible for the mess that we are in and suffering from.
I can't help but notice this paragraph in the SONA of Duterte.  I find this very ironic since his administration seeks to punish former President Aquino and some member of his cabinet which he thinks is against him.  In truth the past is pulling him back because of this.  I hope that this rather means that his administration will stop doing that.

However, in the later paragraph he then said that those who is seen to commit a bad deed against the people will not go unpunished.  But who determines who did good and who did bad when in fact two of our nation's plunderer Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo are now his allies?

I wish to assure everyone though that vindictiveness is not in my system. Just like you and I, all, equal treatment and equal protection are what I ask for our people. 
Another ironic statement here.  How can his administration assure equal protection of the law when more than 12,000 are already killed in just his first term of office.  This is an unprecedented peace time death toll in the Philippines.

President Duterte's Plans Moving Forward

  1. War on drugs will continue and be intensified.
  2. Passage of the National Land Use Act or NALUA.
  3. Put a stop to the extraction and exportation of our mineral resources to foreign nations.
  4. Full and quick clean-up, restoration [and] rehabilitation of all areas damaged by mining activities.
  5.  Reimpose the death penalty on heinous crimes — especially on the trafficking of illegal drugs.
  6. Passage of the law - The Act Rightsizing the National Government to Improve Public Service Institute.” 
  7. No increase in allowances, bonuses, and salaries of GOCC executives.
  8. Urge the Supreme Court to lift the TRO on  Reproduction Law.
  9. Review of existing procurement law to ensure the prompt delivery of quality goods and services to the people, especially medicines and hospital equipment.
  10. Full implementation of the K to 12 Basic Education Program.
  11. Increase government spending in infrastructure.
  12. Improve the RORO transport system.
  13. Passage and implementation of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program.
  14. Department of Finance and the BIR to accept Mighty Corporation’s offer of P25 billion to settle its tax liabilities. After the settlement, Mighty will no longer engage in the tobacco business.
  15. Implementation of the National Broadband Plan of 2017 to begin the work of bringing affordable Internet access to every community and improving broadband connectivity in the country.
  16. Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting Migration Plan.
  17. Salaam Digital TV, the first Muslim TV in the Philippines, is now already on test broadcasting.

President Duterte SONA 2017 Reactions

  • We are commending the President for a clear plan for the country and a presentation of what need to be done.
  • If we cross reference this speech with his 2016 SONA, you can see that there is no reference to his promises or speech during that time.
  • Majority of the Duterte SONA 2017 consists of adlibs that really offer no additional input on the subject.  It only serves to entertain and use as a marketing strategy for everyone.
  • Duterte SONA 2017 has less substance than Duterte SONA 2016. I found out that there are more than 30+ items discussed in the previous SONA which is 50% less this time.
  • The unnecessary adlibs and detours made the SONA very lengthy. 
  • There are just too many cuss words.
What do you think of President Duterte's SONA 2017?  Share your feedback and comments below.

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