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Cast Away Music Festival Concert at SM City Baliwag

It was one of the best concerts in the North as Never The Strangers, Hale, Itchy Worms, Rocksteddy and Callalily rocks the crowd at SM City Baliwag for CAST AWAY MUSIC FESTIVAL.  The whole parking ground is jam packed with people.  We are estimating the crowd at more then 5,000 at least.

This is our Cast Away Music Festival video and photo coverage.

Cast Away Music Festival is an interactive concert

The lead vocals of all the bands went down to the audience and sang with them.  One of the most memorable is the lead vocalist of Rocksteddy who even joined the crowd while it is raining.  Even an almost 20-minute of rain did not prevent the crowed from enjoying the concert.

This is so far the third music festival hosted by SM City Baliwag, the first one being Northern Lights Music Festival which we also covered.

Cast Away Music Festival Videos

We would like to share with you our video coverage specially to those who have not watched this awesome concert.

Never The Strangers Cast Away Music Festival Video

Cast Away Music Festival Hale Video

Itchy Worms Cast Away Music Festival Video

Cast Away Music Festival Rocksteddy Video

Callalily Cast Away Music Festival Video

Check out our photo album of the event, those crowd is really awesome!

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