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Thor Ragnarok Trailer and First Impressions

We have seen the full trailer of Thor: Ragnarok which is also Thor 3 and well I think like all of you we were shocked to see one thing - the battle between Thor and The Hulk.  Oh well, actually that's not it but rather the destruction of Thor's Mjolnir.  Who is this lady and why can he destroy his weapon?

According to our resources the character who destroyed Mjolnir is no other than Hela, the rule of Hel and Niflheim.  She had been inadvertently released from her prison and now wants to destroy all of Asgard, hence the Ragnaok.

Let's see the film and we want to hear your first impressions and thought on what will happen in this movie.  

Questions we asked after watching Thor Ragnarok Trailer

  1. How is it connected to the next Avengers film?  
  2. Will the Mjolnir be truly destroyed?  
  3. What is Loki up to?  
  4. Is Loki a friend or a foe in this film.  
  5. How did Hulk get on that planet?  Is this a prequel to Planet Hulk?
  6. So Thor got a haircut too, do you like it?
  7. Will Thor die as traditionally expected in Ragnarok?
  8. What will be the after movie credit?  Will it show some more information on Thanos?
Damn we have tons of questions.  What do you think?

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3, 2017.

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