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Walker Kill Statistics in Walking Dead

Who made the biggest Walker kill in Walking Dead as it heads to the second part of Season 7? Qlik, a leader in visual analytics develop an interactive app to showcase this rare statistics of our favorite show.  So far in 6 seasons of the series there is a total of 2,276 walker kills with an average of 27.42 kills per episode.  The highest kill of an episode is at 415. 

Highest Walking Dead Walker Kills

Who is awarded as the highest walker killer in Walking Dead?  Well, you might have an idea and it might be quite obvious but who else is on the list?

Here is a brief rundown of the top 10:

  1. Rick Grimes. 325 walker kills, 80 max kill in an episode.
  2. Glenn Rhee: 203 walker kills, 35 max in an episode.
  3. Michonne: 202 walker kills, 42 max in an episode.
  4. Daryl Dixon: 192 walker kills, 14 max in an episode
  5. Morgan Jones: 119 walker kills, 65 max in an episode
  6. Maggie Greene: 83 walker kills, 21 max in an episode
  7. Sasha Williams: 72 walker kills, 24 max in an episode
  8. Carl Grimes: 71 walker kills, 22 max in an episode.
  9. Abraham Ford: 70 walker kills, 19 max in an episode.
  10. Heath: 64 walker kills, 32 max in an episode.
You can view the complete Walking Dead walker kill stats in this link.

Thanks to QLIK Business Intelligence for providing us fans with this information.

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