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History introduces SIX, a Navy SEAL drama

Are you ready to peek into the lives of Navy SEALs?  Well, History Channel will be premiering its nearest series SIX, its newest military drama series.  The much anticipated Navy Seal drams on History, is set to premiere on January 19, Thursday at 10:00pm.

SIX TV Series Plot

Although SIX is not a real life story, I am sure that most of you will say that it seems like it.  All, that we can say is, it is really based on the Navy SEAL after all.  The series depicts the personal and professional lives of Team Six as they are sent on a mission to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan.  The mission is all good when all of a sudden they discover that a fellow U.S. citizen is working as a jihadist fighter with the terrorists.

Six's first season will be composed of 8 episodes and they are inspired by actual combat missions of Navy SEAL Team Six.  Who are they?  This team is the one famous for killing Osama bin Laden.  The TV series will feature the world of these brave and gallant men and allow us to see how they react when faced with grave danger.  Experience how they cope with life and death situations as well as dealing with their complicated personal lives.

SIX Season Premiere

SIX Episode 1 premieres January 15 and will open featuring team leader Richard “RIP” Taggart (Walton Goggins) making a questionable decision while on a mission. Two years later, he is captured by the West African terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Now, his former Seal Team Six brothers – led by Joe “Bear” Graves (Barry Sloan), Alex Caulder (Kyle Schmid), and Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz (Juan Pablo Raba) – have to do everything in their power to locate their former leader and attempt a daring rescue mission in the heart of enemy territory – before it’s too late.

HISTORY® is available on Sky Cable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and Cignal Ch 125. HISTORY HD™ is available on Sky Cable Ch 165.

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