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Who is the world's sexiest man?

So who do you think is the world's sexiest man?  We all have our choices and our favorites.  We see tons of celebrities on a daily basis both local and international but people would have a unanimous vote on who it would be.  This year, GLAMOUR have released their 100 list of the world's sexiest men and there is a new winner. 340,000 fans participated in the survey to crown Christian Gray as the world's sexiest man!

Yes, it is Christian Gray who is the world's sexiest man.  In the real world he goes by the name, JAMIE DORNAN.  After winning the same title in 2015, he is now back at the top once more.  Sadly for girls out there, our man is already married to Amelia Warner since 2013.

Photo from Jamie Dornan Online

Want to catch more of Jamie Dornan?  Well come Valentine's 2017 he will again be appearing as Christian Gray in Fifty Shades Darker.  He is also the lead star for the British series "The Fall," now on its third season.

Bearded + Older is Sexy

Checking the list of the Top 10 in the Glamour Sexiest Man 2017 will make you ask, "are bearded man sexier?".  Eight of those in the top 10 all have either a mustache, a beard or a combination of the two: Aidan Turner, Robert Pattinson, James McAvoy, Luke Evans, Chris Evans, Mike Colter and Matt Bomer.

We also did notice that all of those in the top 10 are aged 30 and above.  That means the older you get the sexier you can be or rather being sexy is not about your age.  This men are clearly sexier.

By the way thanks to our avid Jamie Dornan fan from for this scoop.

You can check out the full list at this link.

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