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Shocking: Grade 10 student shot dead in Duterte Drug War

President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war seems to be turning into a nightmare as about 6,000 people are already dead in just 6 months.  This means that we have a thousand dead Filipinos a month, an statistics worst than any natural calamity.  One of the recent victims is a Grade 10 scholar and student in Pasig City which was shot dead December 6, 2016.

We are in full support that drugs should be stopped and that pushers and drug lords should be arrested and given the worst punishment in the law.  But we are wondering what this kid have done, the same with a 17-year old girl who was even shot while holding on to a barbie doll.  Who are killing them?

Grade 10 shot dead and mercilessly

Unknown and unidentified men killed the Grade 10 student point blank.  Was he a drug pusher or a drug lord?  I do not think so!  Was he a drug usher we never know.  According to the Twitter posts by Kevin Manalo - @kev_manalo, the kid was now in Bicol after a 2-day wake in their home in Pasig.

The Barangay officials seemed to have done nothing as the Ex-O even said that the boy was seen to be hanging around with known drug personalities.  The Ex-O is even saying that the kid is questionable because of this.  May God!  This is a Grade 10 kid!  Does he deserve such death?

The Pasig Police said that investigation is ongoing but the family of the victims would not cooperate.  Well, I guess we all know the reason why.

Where is the war on drugs going?

How many deaths can we expect before this is all over? Maybe 10,000 or even maybe more than a 100,000.  Does drug dependents and small time pusher deserve death or should we just find out and cure the root cause of all these problems?

So who is killing all these people?  Any ideas?  By the way this tweet seems to say something...

Some jerk and criminally insane people are even using this so called "drug war" to kill their opponents.  All they have to do is label them as drug personality, put in some sachet of shabu and there will be no investigation whatsoever.

Had we been so acceptable to these unlawful killing and death?  If we had been then there is something terribly wrong with this country and its people.

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