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A Very Shocking and Disturbing Prediction for America

I just read an article about Teddy Boy Locsin being confirmed as UN Envoy which I read until the end.  Upon completing that I noticed something at the bottom, a related article - "Farm Owner Warns Americans Living in Cities and Suburbs."  I clicked on it and then watched a video.  It is something that seems to be surreal but might just be true and very shocking. It is a prediction of the end of America as super power.

"Literally, your ATM wouldn't work.  you type in your code, no money comes out... You get your paycheck, you can't cash it." - Treasury Department Insider Neel Kashkari, architect of 2008 bank bailouts
"We could find ourselves in a devastating spiral." - Janet Yellen Chaiwroman of US Federal Reserve

Here is the full video.  It is a bit long but I assure you that it is worth watching specially if you are in America.  Will it happen?  We never know.

What do you think?  I believe this will indeed happen as I believe in others that we also predicted before.

Except for the offers at the end this one is very powerful and I believe very true.  Please share this if you do care.

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