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Stranger Things Review and Millie Bobby Brown

I never knew of Stranger Things until Millie Bobby Brown became a guest at AsiaPop Comicon 2016 where I am one of the hosts.  I was like, "what is that show all about?"  I am also not a fan of Netflix shows since I do not watch there.  Today, I will tell you my review of Stranger Things and about Millie Bobby Brown's acting.

Stranger things has a boring start

I got pretty sleepy midway episode 2 of Stranger Things because I find the story a bit dragging and full of talk.  There was no action, no mystery fir me so I felt like sleeping is better.  The premise of the story was unclear in the beginning and things seems like a bit blurry.  What is happening?  Is this another one of those usual stuff that we see on TV series?

And then it changes.  As I continue to watch from Episode 3 onwards, I was glued to the monitor of both my laptop and my smartphone.  I want to find out the answer, I want to continue the story.  It was no longer dragging but became a story full of interest, intrigue and revelations

Winona Stranger Things

It was not Millie Bobby Brown that caught my attention during the opening credits but Winona Ryder.  She was one of my favorite actresses because of her movie Autumn in New York.  Damn, I cried a lot during that movie and it was a classic.

In this series, she  is Joyce Byers, the mother of one of the main characters of the show Will Byers.  Her acting here was superb and highly commendable.  It is the first time I saw her again after 16 years and I was really overjoyed.  All her emotions was in full force as she search for her missing son 12-year-old Will Byers and had to cope with his teenager Jonathan Byers.

Millie Bobby Brown

I though Millie was a he but Millie is a she.  This very young actress demonstrated superb skills in her first ever main role in a TV series.  She previously appeared in other series including Grey's Anatomy, Intruders and NCIS among others.  She is only 12 years old and if you will watch her at Stranger Things you will be amazed.

Although, I would say she has a very simple role - run, concentrate, bleed and act like super mysterious and suspicious.  However, the authenticity of her acting gives life to the character and defines Eleven very well.

I hope that she returns in Stranger Things Season 2 if there is.

Stranger Things Plot

This is a Netflix original series which pays homage to the pop culture of the 1980s, hence the show is set in that era.  You can see works of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King and George Lucas coming into play in this movie or at least pieces of them.  Personally, I was happy to see old cinemas and the old camera before the DSLR.

Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana where strange events suddenly happen after 12-year-old Will Byers mysteriously lost and a bald girl appeared from nowhere.  The girl named, Eleven possess strange powers and can even go to a place where a monster exist and is suspected to have abducted Will.

Events after events makes it more difficult for everyone since it seems the government is involved in the cover up as well.  Thanks to Chief of Police,  Jim Hopper played by David Harbour because he cannot be fooled by such cover ups/

In the end for some reason one is found but one is lost.  I would love to narrate all the story but that will ruin your enthusiasm to watch it.

Stranger Things Season 2

Netflix is set to air the Season 2 of Stranger Things in 2017.  What's good about this is that when it is available it will be the full season.  It will be a 9-episode season.

No. in
Title [19]Directed byWritten byOriginal release date [20]
102"The Boy Who Came Back to Life"TBATBA2017
113"The Pumpkin Patch"TBATBA2017
124"The Palace"TBATBA2017
135"The Storm"TBATBA2017
146"The Pollywog"TBATBA2017
157"The Secret Cabin"TBATBA2017
168"The Brain"TBATBA2017
179"The Lost Brother"TBATBA2017

Stranger Things Review and Rating

  • Plot - 9
  • Characters - 9
  • Music - 10
  • Special Effects - 9
  • Series Progression - 10
  • Total Rating - 94%
I would also like to commend the four kids that are aprt of Stranger Things their acting is really superb and top notch.

If you want to watch Stranger Things here is the link on Netflix.

So there you go everyone.  This is a highly recommended TV series and I guarantee you that you will like it.

Has anyone watched Stranger Things?  Share us your thoughts.

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