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Poem in Memory of Miriam Defensor-Santiago

We would like to dedicate this simple poem in memory of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago who just passed away (Read related news).  Her service, example, leadership and eloquence will be one of the rarest we would ever see in this country.  May you rest in peace and for sure you will be remembered forever.


How could we ever forget
Such a person with so much jest
Strong and doesn't accept defeat
Simply hard to deplete

Her words cuts through her enemies
Each sentence uttered towards her nemesis
It is the beauty of her metamorphosis
A perfect political photosynthesis

Iron lady as she is called
What we will reveal is so bold
Something which some forgot to behold
An alluring lady with a heart of gold

Her heart is as big as the universe
Her love for this county is not just a verse
Her sense of duty is beyond traverse
She is indeed the rarest in the universe

Goodbye Madam Senator
You will forever be seen as a vindicator
Never ever seen as a collaborator
For in this world, you are one great visitor

Farewell, our dear beloved Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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