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President Rodrigo Duterte SONA 2016 Reactions

President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his first ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) to the entire country during the 17th Congress Joint Session, July 25.  It was a very different ambiance and it was a SONA which we enjoyed to watch and listen to.  In fact it is not the usual boring speech.  Here is our Duterte SONA 2016 reactions.
We will not go over all of the items discussed by the president since this will be a very long article and you will be boring reading it.  Our dear students who might be reading this and trying to copy-paste the reactions here for their assignment might also find it difficult.  So le't keep it short.

The tone of Duterte SONA 2016

I am not a fan of President Duterte.  I have apprehensions about his personal character and how he speaks but this time I saw how personality is different from actual work.  For the very first time since I had been matured enough to listen to State of the Nation Address year after year - THIS IS THE BEST EVER.

There is no dull time nor moment.  I laugh, I appreciated it and I listen with all the intent.  During previous SONA you will lose the interest as the speech drugs on.  Most of them were boring and highly technical.  In his first SONA, President Duterte speaks from the heart and drives away even from his own prepared speech so that the people will understand it better.

This is perhaps a president who really knows what he is doing because he had experienced them first hand.  The tone is very passionate and direct to the point.  It is a SONA with conviction and dedication.

Duterte Administrations Priority in the SONA 2016

It is a very clear SONA and to sum it all up the priorities which we have identified are:

  • Strengthening of the campaign against drugs.
  • Achievement of long and lasting peace with the Moros and the CPP-NPA-NDF.
  • Immediate resolution of traffic congestion problems through an emergency power granted to the president.
  • Adoption of a Federal form of government with a reference to France as the preferred style.
  • Improvement of processing of all government requirements for business and individuals.
  • Improvement of internet speed and internet access.
  • Modernization of agriculture

Key highlights of President Duterte SONA 2016

Here are some key programs and highlights which we managed to extract from his nearly 2-hour long speech at the House of Representatives:

  • Empower ROTC program to instill love of country
  • Priority for rehabilitation of drug addicts and even using military camps to do so.
  • Health, education, adequate food and housing, environmental preservation and respect for culture.
  • A long and lasting peace in MIndanao and in the entire country.
  • Continue macro economic policies and even do better.
  • Job creation and poverty reduction.
  • Simpler, more equitable and more efficient tax system.
  • Lower personal and coporate income tax rates.
  • Relax the bank secrecy law.
  • Promote ease of doing business will be mandatory.
  • estriction to the economy might need to be lifted
  • RH Law must be put into full force and effect.
  • More funds and finances for MSMEs.
  • Modernization of agriculture
  • Nationwide soil analysis to know suitable areas for rice farming.  Use of effective soil rehabilitization and fertilization.
  • Aqua-culture along riverbanks and backyards.
  • Accelerate infra spending.
  • Inter-island linkage projects
  • Pasig City Ferry System revival
  • Removal of terminals as well as colorums will be intensified immediately.
  • Federal system of government.
  • 3 days maximum processing time for LGU - business permit and clearances.
  • 888 dedicated for corruption
  • Issuance of plates will be considered at point of sale or at motor vehicle leaders.
  • Motor vehicle licenses to be extended from 3 years to 5 years.
  • Train tickets will be available at malls and stores not only at train stations.
  • LRT operating hours 9:30pm to 10:30pm.
  • Pursue the Mindanao Rail Project
  • Private aviation companies and flights will be transferred to Sangley point to ease air traffic.
  • Reduce the areas of occupation of large fishing in Laguna lake,  Prioritize the poor fisherman.  
  • Pass a law creating the People's Broadcasting Corporation.  Observe editorial independence, creative programs, and others.
  • Radyo ng bayan should undergo upgrading.  It will be integrated with the PBC.
  • Passport validity from 5 years to 10 years.
  • Streamline passport application.
  • Deployment of fiber optic cables and other technology to improve internet speed.
  • Free wifi access to key public places free of charge.
  • Faster issuance of NBI clearance by making use of the compute and preventing the hassle of travelling from one place to another.
  • There will be no demolition without relocation.  

The difference of President Duterte's administration

Duterte is perhaps the first president to recognize the injustice done to the Moros.  He is also the first president that wants to focus on the present and stop finger pointing and dwelling on the past.  He asks for unity and sobriety.  He calls to stop politicking and instead work to make the country better.

This is also the first SONA where rallyists are perhaps not present and they are not highlighted.  Everyone seems to agree that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is someone that deserves their trust and approval.  It is a SONA day that is so unusual that you might think that something is terribly wrong indeed.

He also assures everyone that his government will be clean and he has zero tolerance for corruption.

Brillante Mendoza's touch in Duterte SONA 2016

It was just after the actual SONA of President Duterte that I learned that Brillante Mendoza was the one directing the coverage of the event.  That explains the very different and artistic shots of the coverage.  I was in fact amaze at how this event was covered.  There was never a dull moment for me and it was the best coverage ever.

I would like to personally congratulate Brillante Ma Mendoza for doing a great work.  He had shown Filipinos his talent and through his artistry and points of vie through the coverage the message was understood by most Filipinos.

President Duterte SONA 2016 reactions conclusion

I am very impressed with this one.  It is something that I never expected really.  Let us just hope that all that he had told us will become a reality.  Our country deserves better things and indeed change might be finally coming.

As for the Vigilante Killings which we have been worried before, we are still worried and we hope that it will not be used as something to benefit personal motives.

Have you listened to President Duterte State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2016?  What are your reactions?  How do you feel?

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