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Suicide Squad New Movie Posters and Character Portraits + Trailer

Suicide Squad is showing soon this August and just a while ago Warner Bros had released very astonishing movie posters and character portraits of the characters for the upcoming movie.  We are also showing you a new movie trailer which you might have missed.

The Suicide Squad movie poster above seems to be a poster released in the UK.  We are wondering if this will be released in the Philippines as well.  What do you think about it.  Here are the rest of the cool Suicide Squad posters.

Amanda Waller.  Wow she is very pierce looking in this one.  The villains would come screaming for help.

Boomerang.  A little eccentric look in this case.

Deadshot.  Will Smith really gets this comic book character 100%.  Damn he is awesome.

Killer Croc.  He is trying to be cool.  This character poster is brilliant and can be his Facebook profile photo.

Diablo.  If I am thinner, I could have cosplayed this one.  Another cool poster.

Enchantress.  Who wouldn't want to be with her, well of course if you are ready to die.

Harley Quinn.  The prettiest and most sick in the mind among all of them.  We wonder what her role would be in the end.  Would he be conspiring against her team mates?

Joker.  I like how he looks in this poster.  This is more like the real Joker.

Rick Flag.  Handsome but pierce look.  I really love all this character shots.  Makes me want to put one of them as a profile photo.

Was it just me or are we missing the cute Asian girl with a Samurai in the posters above? Hmmmm.... why oh why?  We search again for sources and we find additional 2 new posters.

Slipknot.  Is this a photo of a Samurai?  He looks more like a Japanese icon in this poster.

Katana.  There's our girl who wields the deadly sword.  She is just so sexy and overpowering in this new Suicide Squad poster.  Do you agree this is a hot one?

Now, the Suicide Squad trailer is coming up this week so better watch out for it.  If you have not yet watched the previous trailer well here it is.  You can see that Batman was revealed in this one.  Whom, who would it be?  Ben Affleck?

What do you think of the new Suicide Squad posters and Suicide Squad character posters?  Which poster do you like the most?  

Let us share one last movie poster before you go....

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