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MA'ROSA opens in the Philippines this July

Award winning film, Ma' Rosa will finally open in the Philippines on July 6.  This is a very big opportunity for Filipinos to watch this movie which gave Jaclyn Jose, the Best Actress Award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Ma'Rosa shows a glimpse of a typical Filipino family in a district in Manila.  The movie shows the reality of urban life.  Up to what extend would a mother do in order to keep her family surviving amidst the many challenges of life?

Award winning director Brillante Mendoza got the inspiration of the film from an actual incident in which he had been indirectly involved in.  This made him realize a lot of things and came up with the idea of creating a film similar to it.

Jacklyn Jose reacts after winning as Cannes Film Festival Best Acress
"It captured my interest to tell this story because it shows a unique but also disturbing characteristic of a common Filipino family. That when a family member is backed against the wall for the wrong doings that he or she made, you will do everything to keep them out of trouble even if it means violating basic virtues. In a society where survival of the fittest is a fact that we have to live with, family becomes amoral," says Mendoza

Challenges in making Ma'Rosa

Brillante Mendoza recalls the film's most challenging part which are the actors and actresses themselves.  Since it is a documentary film based on realistic events, they need to act as plain and as natural as possible.  They should blend in with non-actors on screen.  This is a different way in which professional artists are trained.

Cast of Ma'Rosa

Ma'Rosa also does not have scripts given to the actors.  Mendoza only directed them based on how the story is going to happen.  Dialogues were delivered very naturally as they depend on how he will instruct them.

The end result is a film which is very natural, captivating and will literally make you feel all the emotions within it once you watch Ma'Rosa.

Ma'Rosa is one of Philippine's best film to date

This movie had given not only the Philippines but the whole Southeast Asia its first ever acting award in the Cannes Film Festival.  Jacklyn Jose outdo Charize Theron, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert and Kristen Stewart.

Watch the video below as she accept the Best Actress Award.

The story of Ma' Rosa

On July 6, 2016, Ma'Rosa opens in cinemas nationwide.  It tells the story of Rosa, owner of a small community convenience store in the slums of Metro Manila.  Like what we see in the news, Rosa and her husband Nestor uses this as a front for illegal drug trade.

Everything was well set in place until their neighbors tip them off to the authorities.  Like the usual story too, they were faced with extortion and the whole family sets on a quest to buy their parents freedom from the hands of corrupted police officers.

This is a very good film and we will be seeing it in theaters.  Please do not miss Ma'Rosa.

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