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Would you dare have a one night stand with Maria Ozawa like Cesar Montano did?

Cesar Montano had definitely conquered Maria Ozawa as tha letter admitted that she had a one-night stand with the veteran actor.  Ozawa confirmed this during an interview with Mo Twister for the podcast "Good Times With Mo."

We do not know who initiated the one night stand but we could perceived that this might be one of the many rituals of Maria Ozawa to her co-artists in the film. as she said it was just like saying hello.

Montano and Ozawa co-starred in the film "Nilalang", an official entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival.

How many times they did it?  Well, Ozawa said it was just one and Montano confirmed to this.  But why would they settle for just one, is it because one of them did not like what happened or was Ozawa already too...? You got our point?

Anyway what do you think of what happened?  How would you feel if you were to have a one night stand with Maria Ozawa as well?

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