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This app can change your life, as it did change mine

It was our anniversary and I am out of ideas to surprise her.  Then I heard about this app wherein you can send secret messages to someone without them even knowing who send it.  So I tried it and sent her a message.  In fact I sent two messages just to impress her.

I got no reply from her then all of a sudden someone did sent me a message.

It was one of those Secret SMS that they were talking about, Talk about finding a way to secretly message someone, hmmmmm.  I did not know who sent it as well.  Perhaps a new admirer I told myself.

Later, we met and I asked her if she received a message from someone and she replied that indeed she did.  She was surprised by it and well considering he did not knew the app and was not into other boys she decided to ignore it.  Then, I asked her if she was the one who sent the SMS to me.  She was not answering but later on I found out that she was the one who sent it/

She also wanted to surprise me and instead of answering my secret SMS, she downloaded the app and send another SMS to me.  Clever right?

We ended at laughing and talking how the new feature of Veems "Secret SMS" could really help people to express their feelings.  We even made some scenarios about situations in the office where the app would really be helpful.

Secret SMS is Veems' latest feature where you can send free anonymous SMS to anyone in your contact. The catch is that you can only send pre-written messages. The sender remains anonymous unless he or she chooses to confess. You can send messages if you miss someone or if you want to confess your love to your crush. Or send puzzles and quizzes to your smartest friends. The types of messages that you can send are updated daily with new content. 

It helped us become closer and I am sure it would help you too.  Free up those feelings and Download Veems and start sending Secret SMS

Have you tried out the Secret SMS?  If you did do share me your experience because I think this app is the coolest so far.

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