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Why do you love or hate Marlou and Hasht5?

Yesterday, we published a news article that Marlou Arizala of Hasht5 is leaving the group for good, however, we were informed that eventually this is not true and he is staying with the group.  It seems these guys is really trying to create all gimmickry just to keep them very popular and float on social media.  So our question is why do you love Hasht5 or if you hate them, why is that?

This is an opinion article so I can say whatever I want right?  Look dear readers they do have talent and that is to make a fool out of all of us and well, at the same time make us laugh for what they are doing.

Marlou even calls himself Justin Bieber of the Philippines and lately Zayn Malik of the Philippines. Isn't that amazing, how he really thinks he could be at part with these celebrities?  What do you think?

Because of all their gimmickry like announcing their mall tours, creating short video clips, dubsmash and more they became very popular and OMG they even landed in ABS-CBN shows!  I have nothing against the group because everyone deserves to shine but come on, well let's admit they have some talent and they could enhance that.

In fairness as well, we have scavenged this photo which is a Facebook post that says that they are actually former rugby boys who have changed their ways... inspiring.

So peepz, why do you love or hate Hasht5?  We want to know your side of this Hasht5 and Marlou Arizala thingy... at least it's better than the Starbucks rat issue right?

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