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Ride a Cab and Win Cash Prizes!

Photo courtesy of AXN Networks Phils., Inc.
Do you know that you can win cash prizes by just riding a cab?  Yes, a taxi cab.  The coolest cab in town is ready to give you tons of prizes as lucky passengers in the city unwittingly ride and become instant game contestants. Cash Cab Philippines, hosted by Ryan Agoncillo and premiered December 22, 2015 will be airing with new episodes.

What;s the plot of Cash Cab Philippines?

The show which was originally launched in the United States, an unassuming white taxi roams the streets to pick a random passenger. But instead of heading straight to the intended destination, the trip suddenly turns into a one of a kind ride as he is asked a series of general trivia. Correct answers mean instant cash, while getting them wrong gets you thrown out back in the street!

Getting thrown out back in the street?  Hmmm... that's pretty interesting right?  The country through AXN Philippines is the latest to get the local franchise of the show which had already invated the roads of Vietnam, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Thailand, Taiwan, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia, Poland, Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Italy, Malaysia, Lithuania, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Greece, Egypt, Germany, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Colombia, Chile, China, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, Australia and the Arab World.

Cash Cab Philippines airs new episodes starting January 7, 2016, Thursday at 9.15pm on AXN.  AXN is seen on SkyCableCh 49, Cable Link C 38, Cignal TV Ch 61, Destiny Cable Ch 61, Dream Ch 20, and GSAT Ch 51

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