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Real robots battle each other live on TV!

Who says that robots do not exist in real life?  AXN brings to television a one of a kind battle as robots face each other in Robot Combat League.  It will be the first ever show of its kind where tremendous human will and super strength of machines will be tested against one another.

12 equally deserving teams will be featured.  Each team is composed of a "robo-jockey" - the fighter, and a "robo-tech" - the robotics engineer.

So how will they be able to do the battle?

Wearing exo-suits allows the human controllers dictate the machine’s movements, these fighters crash, collide and basically take to destroy each other to provide exhilarating action to viewers. The participants come from extremely diverse backgrounds – witness a race car driver, a National Guard pilot, even an Olympian (among others) take the stage.

Like those that you might probably seen in movies, each robot will have its unique look and power features. Each fight consists of three rounds, with the winner advancing to the next match.

Hosted by Chris Jericho, a professional wrestler, Robot Combat League finally invades Asian television through AXN.  The grand winner will receive $100,000.

Don't forget to watch Robot Combat League on AXN.  It starts January 11, Mon – Wed, 7:55 PM.  AXN is seen on Cable Link Channel 38, Cignal Digital TV Channel 61, Global Destiny Cable Channel 61, Dream Channel 20, Gsat Channel 12, SKYCable Channel 49.

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