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Discrimination of Bloggers and Media

Have you experienced being discriminated as a blogger?  Have you seen "media" being given a different treatment than bloggers?  I though that this problem had long been gone but recently I have personally seen and witnessed them.
I remember walking into this event at SM Megamall for a record and coffee shop which is celebrating their anniversary.  Bloggers were given meals and were not entertained very well they say, and then I tried to register even though I am not actually registered.

"Hi, I'm from the Media,"  and without checking my name they asked me to register, gave me 3 food stubs and a loot bag.  All of these are "exclusively" for media attendees and are not given to bloggers.  As if that is not bad already the PR which invited bloggers to the event tend to avoid bloggers perhaps sensing their feelings during the event.

There is another event which I noticed this one during a launch of another well known brand.  Right after the event people from the "media" were immediately given their tokens while those who are bloggers were asked to wait for a few weeks.


Aren't we, bloggers also in a sense a member of the media?  Bloggers are already considered part of this new media spectrum that is why I was surprised to still see this on events.

I would not dwell so much on this issue because I also want to ask fellow bloggers if they also experience or see discrimination like this and how do you feel about it?

I hope that bloggers and media would not be discriminated, after all we are supposed to be part both of #ResponsibleMedia.

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