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Carly Rae Jepsen’s “E.MO.TION” POP Album of the year!

E.MO.TION Official Album cover

Carly Rae Jepsen is well known for delivering the kind of pop tunes that are so incredibly catchy and played everywhere that you can’t decide whether you love them or hate them. The considered listening to an entire collection of 'Call Me Maybe's may sound like an overwhelming errand for even the greatest pop aficionado, however E.MO.TION really brags some brilliant moments. 

This is in fact the third studio album from the Canadian singer, however it's just the second to get a worldwide release after 2012’s Kiss. E.MO.TION gives 80s synth-pop vibes all through, with electric beeps and zaps everywhere. Lead single 'I Really Like You' is without a doubt 2015's response to 'Call Me Maybe', in spite of the fact that it feels skip-capable after listening to what else the collection has to offer.

Carly Rae Jepsen - I Really Like You (Published on Mar 6, 2015) with over 100 Million views.
"Due to the era the album fetishes, the music sounds inescapably chintzy.... Jepsen’s improbably young voice helps distract from that." - Jim Farber of Daily News
As the main writer on almost every song, there’s no denying that Jepsen can pen a brilliant, instantly likeable (or hateable) pop song that’ll get stuck in your brain. It’s a feel good record filled with tunes that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Among the bubbly tunes are some decidedly forgettable, down beat melodies like 'All That' and Favourite Colour' that emphasize the way that Jepsen's biggest strength lies in her upbeat tracks. This is the place the concealed diamonds show up, in tunes, for example, 'Run Away With Me' and 'Making The Most of the Night', both of which wouldn't sound out of place on Taylor Swift’s recent album 1989. Their addictive tunes and sing a-long verses like "Baby take me to the feeling, I’ll be your sinner in secret" make them impossible not to adore.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me (Published on Jul 17, 2015)
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"Emotion is full of pure cotton candy--delicious, distractingly sweet and filling, with a mildly suspicious aftertaste.... Emotion is full of excellent songs that seem to give up about two-thirds of the way through. "- Jon Caramanica of The New York Times
Obviously, there is a generous grating of cheese all through the entire record however that isn't necessarily an awful thing. It rolls out an improvement to hear a record that embraces the lighter side of music.. Numerous will neglect E.MO.TION as discard pop without listening to it, however as Carly sings in 'I Don't Need You',"I won't change for you" and we don't think she needs to. It may not be earth shattering in terms of sound but if you’re a pop fan, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this.