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One More Chance 2 reunites Basha and Popoy

ABS-CBN Star Cinema confirms the reunion of Basha and Popy in the upcoming sequal to the 2007 hit movie One More Chance.  John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo portrayed a couple that has gone from a so-in love to an estranged and then to a couple again story.  Now here comes One More Chance 2.

For those who have not watched the previous movie or have forgotten let us share you a video trailer from One More Chance 1.

The movie was hailed by Filipino audiences as one of the most unforgettable Tagalog romantic movies of all time, the film has continued to be popular for its famous quotes and lines.  Because of this, a novel adaptation was released in June 2015

This time Basha and Popoy are married and it seems that being married will not be that easy as the usual problems of married life occurs.  In the teaser it seems both of them are undergoing some sort of counseling.

One More Chance 2 trailer also shows a continuous scene from a supposed to be part of the sequel where the two had a fight and then eventually reconciled.

Without further ado here is the teaser trailer for One More Chance 2.

What's in store for Basha and Popoy and their fans in this movie?  What are your expectations?

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