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Will there be a real earthquake on July 30 in the Philippines?

I should have written this article earlier but I am still thinking whether to pursue it or not.  However, today I would like to help everyone keep safe on July 30.  To start this article let me ask you a question, "Would it be better to hold an earthquake drill on a possible actual earthquake than to hold it on another date?" and will there be a real earthquake on July 30 in the Philippines?
I always ask myself, "Why July 30?"  What is so significant with that date anyway?

What will happen on July 30?

There will be a Metro Manila wide eartquake drill from 10:30am to 11:30am simulating a 7.2 magnitude quake at the West Valley Fault.

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What is the Big One?

According to Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) warning the West Valley Fault traversing across Metro Manila usually moves every 400 to 600 years, and that the last time a strong quake occurred was in 1658 or 357 years ago.  If this holds true then there might be an actual eathquake soon.

Solidum issued the statement following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal last month. More than 8,000 reportedly died in the incident, with thousands left injured and homeless. 
Last year, a joint study conducted by local government agencies and the Australian government showed that a magnitude 7.2-earthquake in the West Valley Fault could kill 37,054 people and cause P2.4 trillion in damages.
If there will be an actual earthquake on July 30 and we will all think that it is just an earthquake drill, I think the scenario would be calmer instead if we were caught off guard.  But how can someone predict an actual earthquake from happening?  Is there a way to predict it?

Will there be an actual and real earthquake in the Philippines on July 30?

The current known answer is there is no way to predict an earthquake unless it is man-made.  Is man-made earthquake possible since there are rumors that a man-made earthquake will be triggered on July 30?  The answer is yes, there might just be a technology to do that.

HAARP’, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska, USA based on the technological research of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)  is actually said to be developing technologies which includes artificial weather modification, earthquake generation, energetic protective shielding, and possibly localized ionospheric-plasma-discharge weapons.  Here is a brief discussion of this theory.

Though the theory that several man-made earthquakes had already been created there was no actual proof to that.  The thing is it would really be hard to search for proofs since it is well hidden, just like the "fact" that the 9/11 attack was actually an inside job.

Man-made or artificial earthquake was seen to have been the cause of the March 20, 2012 Chiapas Quake as written in this article

How would you differentiate a natural from an artificial earthquake?
The most obvious for me was the feel. The second most obvious is that the earthquake machine somehow pulls on the surface of the earth, so any quake made by it registers at 15 KM depth or less. Typically they register at 10 KM depth. Natural quakes do not do that. Natural quakes are virtually always 50 km or more down, up to 700 km. On rare occasion they can be at 25 KM, but NEVER at 10 KM. The Japan earthquake was measured at 10 km depth, a dead giveaway.

Another obvious indicator it is a man made quake is lack of seismic damage per magnitude rating. Since the earthquake machine has a smooth pull and virtually no bumps or shakes, damage totals have been (from all the observations I have made) a full magnitude less than natural quakes. That is a very key indicator. AND FINALLY- - 
Here is another video reporting the actual earthquake that happen.

Update July 29: Indonesia Earthquake

There is a recent quake in Indonesia recorded at 6.9 magnitude having an exsct depth of just 10km. It happened July 27. Indonesia is very close to the Philippines. Is it natural or man-made? I really don't know.

What should we do?

So will there be a real earthquake on July 30?  We never know so the best thing is to be part of the drill, be aware, stay calm and be ready.

Be sure to prepare your emergency kit which includes a flashlight, handy food, first aid kit, and whistle among others.

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