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Why Haley Joel Osment's movie is a must watch?

We were invited to the premier of Haley Joel Osment's new movie, "Sex Ed" at Robinsons Galleria, July 20 and the fact is we were not sure what to expect.  We were surprised to see a brand "Premiere" at the set which gave away freebies and there was also JackTV who was celebrating their 10 years anniversary.  I ask myself, "Why would people watch Sex Ed?"

As the movie starts after a long period of intermissions and raffles, I saw a more chubby Haley Joel Osment who is far from his previous looks body wise.  He is still cute though and has that charisma which charms the audience.

The movie progresses and I began to laugh and realize how truthful this film was.  It's truthfulness perhaps is to be blamed for its R-18 rating by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)

I am glued to the screen from start to finish and there I realized that this movie is something that you must really watch.  

Why Haley Joel Osment's movie is a must watch?

  • It is very educational.
  • It has life lessons that you will not find in most movies.
  • It is something very different and refreshing from all the comics, superheroes and fictional movies in cinemas.
  • The actors were really good.
  • It is something that would make you laugh.

I assure you that your money and time will never go to waste if you watch this movie.

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