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Would you blog to promote prostitution?

I kept this article deep in my mind and keep on thinking whether I would write about it or not and then I decided to let it out.  Would you as a blogger blog to promote prostitution?  This was the question I ask myself after being given the idea that my blog was not good enough to lure the "big spenders".

Some of you may not know but yes, I am a bisexual and I have publicly made it known but at this point in time I am very loyal and faithful to  the girl I love and hopefully I will marry soon.  Anyway back to the topic, I signed up to promote a "gay destination" or "gay bar" in Quezon City hoping that it will remove the stigma from places such as that.

I was invited to a meeting and was fairly scrutinized.  The meeting ended well and we are all set into helping out the promotion although after the meeting it was bugging me whether I would continue or not since in some way their main product was actually men who would join you at the table much like your "kabaret" in the province.  The only difference this time is there is a so called high end show in a very comfy and elegant place, so that's what they say it is.

At first I thought it would be a place where members of the LGBT could come together, meet new friends, drink and have some clean fun.  When I was asked a day after if my blog could lure in the big spenders and how many bisexuals or LGBT were actually reading my blog, then that gave me a red flag.

I never asked a premium price to promote in the fist place and in fact I offered a genuine helping hand to inform the public about this wonderful place with the numbers "1690" and the measure of temperature opposite Celsius.   After such an offer I am bombarded with scrutiny and notion that my blog should have readers that could spend their hard end bucks to pay for men that would give them pleasure.

Then it occurred to me again, "Would I blog to promote prostitution?"  My answer is definitely NO THANKS!  Would you say otherwise?

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