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Hannibal Season 3 returns June 4 (Preview and Videos)

Hannibal Season 2 closes with the ultimate showdown between Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) with the later being able to escape and injure them all.  Hannibal Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on June 4 with Episode 1: The Bride of Hannibal.

NBC's first teacher of Hannibal Season 3 is just about a minute long and and focuses on the relationship between Hannibal and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson).  This was perhaps the most unexpected turn of events in Hannibal Season 2.  As much as we want to see what happened after the brutal and devastating events of Season 2 finale, the trailer does not give us any clue.

We have searched for what would be unfolding in Hannibal Season 3 and we are lucky to find some bits and pieces of information which would definitely excite Hannibal fans.

Mason will be returning in Hannibal Season 3.  Joe Anderson who previously appeared in The Divide and The River, has been recast in the role of Mason.  Mason was last seen in the series being given hallucinogenic drugs by Hannibal and persuaded to cut off pieces of his own face.

Hannibal Season 3 will have a total of 13 episodes.  The first seven episodes will follow the aftermath of Hannibal Season 2 including the intimate affair of Hannibal and Bedelia in Florence, Italy.  We will see a lot of Italian cuisine episode titles in this first part.

Episode 8 to 13 will focus on William Blake's series of Great Red Dragon paintings, which are an obsession for serial killer Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage).  This means a great time jump from the series.

Hannibal will be captured eventually.  Since the second half of Hannibal Season 3 will now focus on the Red Dragon series, this indicated that Will Graham will eventually capture Hannibal and the later will help him in profiling the new serial killer, Francis Dolarhyde.

More blood and gore.  Watch out for Hannibal Season 3 Episode 7 and 12 since according to Bryan Fuller it would be the bloodiest.

"When we did that scene, you're supposed to be silent when you're watching, but the entire crew gasped and shrieked. So you're watching the dailies and you're seeing this horrible thing happen, and you just hear all these gasps coming from behind the camera, and it's so much fun! It's so disturbing that it affected the crew," Fuller said.

Besides what we indicated above there are a lot of exciting things happening.  Will and Alana did survived the ultimate plan of Hannibal Lecter so they are returning for Season 3. Laurence Fishburne who was seen filming in Florence will also be reprising his role as Jack Crowford.  This is one exciting season thus far because we all want to know what happened and what will happen.

According to various sources Hannibal Season 3 will introduce a lot of new characters including Fortunato Cerlino as Rinaldo Pazzi, an Italian inspector who teams up with Will to search for Hannibal, and Glenn Fleshler as Dr Cordell Doemling, which is Mason Verger's "creepy, yet gentle and intelligent nurse".

We might also be seeing a lot of new faces in the last six Episodes of Hannibal Season 3 when Armitage appears on the series together with Rutina Wesley as Reba McClane, a blind woman who is Dolarhyde's love interest.

Wow, that is a lot more to watch and expect, so are you excited already?  Tell us what you think after watching this teaser trailer from NBC for Hannibal Season 3.

So share us what you think about Hannibal Season 3?

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