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Understanding the MTRCB through its new 2015 infomercial

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) is the main government body which gives ratings and classifications to films, television shows and other entertainment being shown in either television, radio or the cinemas.  In its 30th year the MTRCB launches a new tv and film infomercial with an aim to make the public educated about them.

MTRCB's new infomercial stars  actors-spouses Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo in a typical morning situation at home.  In such scene, their depicted child picks up a word from a TV feature and asks the elders in the house what it means.  The film is directed by renowned film and television director Jose Javier “Joey” Reyes, Jr., DGPI and conceptualized by Mr. Erlito “Lilit” Reyes, the infomercial 

Nowadays, in an era where source of information are readily accessible to everyone, the informercial aims to challenge parents and responsible adults to be aware of the media content our children are exposed to.  It is also an eye opener on understanding more about the MTRCB’s classification ratings.

I went to search online if the new MTRCB 2015 infomercial can be viewed via YouTube or other video streaming sites but unfortunately I did not find any.  There was one video which shows it but the link is all over the video, anyway for information purposes here is the video.

I just wish that the video will be available in the official website or MTRCB so that the information will cascade to the general public.

Formal launching of the MTRC infomercial above was done February 25, 2015 and was culminated by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the TV Networks and theater operators to ensure showing of the infomercial and to continuously empower the general public towards discerning viewership and thus, among other objectives, inform parents as to the media and entertainment their children may see.


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