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Fifty Shades of Grey Philippines Movie Review: Overrated, Porn or Over Hyped?

Everyone is talking about Fifty Shades of Grey and how the movie is a porn and that it promoted BDSM or Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism.  What was the movie like and would it be a movie that you will be comfortable talking about your friends?  Does it really deserve all the morality hype that it was receiving?

We watched Fifty Shades of Grey at Century City Mall in Makati knowing that there will not be much of a cut in the movie, however, we were still surprised that there were still scenes cut and blurred.  A very awkward thing perhaps is the black circle used to cover the sensitive lower body parts of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Morality of Fifty Shades of Grey.  The movie talks about a man, Christian Grey, who despite his success has a very dark secret which is the cause of what happened to him in his early life.  He was used to punish women that he will have sexual relations in order to please him.  Despite the stereotyping of many of us with this issue, this is actually an existing problem in society.  There had been those that had been abused at a very young age that when they become mature enough they will then become the abuser and the cycle goes on.

It is an eye opener of this problem in society that most of us consider as taboo.  BDSM in fact had been a very welcome topic among both men and women circle.  For men the idea of being dominant to a submissive gives thrill and sexual excitement, however, this movie is not the sort that will invite you to do just that.

Fifty Shades of Grey in fact is a movie that will open the eyes of everyone that this dominant - submissive idea is a psychological disorder that needs to be cured in some cases specially it is is extreme.  The movie presents a solution to that which comes in the form of having a person which would accept and truly understand the dominant.

I did imagine something worst than this which I could some up in just two general photos when we talk about BDSM... generally it does not even come close to that.

Plot of Fifty Shades of Grey.  The movie tries to bring to life what is written in the book by E.L. James, however, due to the cinematic restrictions it is forced to cut off most of the sexually explicit situations that can only be seen in the book.  The movie avoided a possible X rating and settled for an R rating which made it a possible disappointment for Fifty Shades of Grey fans.

Watching the movie beside someone who have read all the books is also a great privilege and she seem not disappointed.  If you are a fan of the book, you should definitely understand that a book is different from a movie and in doing a movie there are somethings that will always stay written in the book.

Overall, this movie is a good adaptation that would introduce the great value in the work of E. L. James.  It succeeded in bringing the situation of Christian Grey and Anastasia to life.

Educational value of Fifty Shades of Grey.  I always say that there is an educational value in Fifty Shades of Grey.  Why would a movie that depicts BDSM have an educational value?  Well, it teaches us how the value of love, authenticity and genuineness of intention of feeling can eventually change a person for the better.  Although, this situation is not yet fully shown in the first installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy it can greatly be seen in how Anastasia tries to reason out with Christian Grey on the need to punish her and see her being hurt.

It brings to the attention of everyone the value of love with passion against love for pleasure.  Anastasia is someone who loves with passion while Christian might have been used to love for pleasure.  In the trilogy we would soon see that Anastasia will triumph and show the true meaning of love.

Rated R movie rating of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Why would a movie such as Fifty Shades of Grey be given a movie rating of R and other movies like Expendables or the Fast and The Furious be given more general patronage ratings?  Does this mean that violence is less objectionable than sex?  Does this mean that violence is more accepted than sex?  Ratings serves the purpose of telling what movies are for whom, so an R rating is supposed to be for those 18 and above plus it does not only refers to sex but to amount of violence as well.

The most disappointing perhaps and when SM said that there would be no Fifty Shades of Grey at SM Cinemas due to it;s R rating.

It would also be important to note that the blurs and screen blocks are not done by MTRCB but are introduced by the film producers itself prior to submission for a review.  This is done perhaps in order to avoid an X rating.  Here is the disclaimer posted at cinemas and at the start of the film.

"This movie was classified as is and in its entirety with noticeable BLURS and SCREEN BLOCKS introduced by the film producer prior to its submission for review. 

The public is advised of some scenes of nudity, strong and/or sexual language, and sexual aberrational behavior with elements of bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism."

Conclusion for Fifty Shades of Grey.  In concluding this review I would say that this movie is indeed set best at R18 or could also be lowered to PG16 if there is such a rating.  The blurs and screenblocks are enough to make it more viewable.  The theme is not pornographic in nature.  The general public even below 18 can avail of porn readily online, so why not show a film which is very very educational and eye opening.

Where to watch Fifty Shades of Grey?  If you are asking me that then you can watch the movie at Robinsons malls, Starmall Cinemas, Century City Mall and other malls not under SM Cinema.  Enjoy the movie and have fun.

Have you watched the movie Fifty Shades of Grey already?  Share us your thoughts please.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

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