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Medical marijuana and epilepsy awareness

Epilepsy is a condition that affects brain nerves and motor functions.  It is one condition that I will surely not want to have since it is very dangerous specially if it attacks at a time that you least expected it.  It is with this concern that I invite you to spread awareness and share the knowledge to promote EPILEPSY AWARENESS.

One of the many solutions being discussed by various neurologists in the country is the  emerging issues on Medical Marijuana.  There are scientific evidence that this can work effectively for those who are suffering from epilepsy.

Medical Marijuana issues, the pros and cons was among the main topics of the recently concluded TRIPARTITE SYMPOSIUM FOR NEUROLOGISTS: MARIJUANA IN EPILEPSY.  The rise in interest in using medical Marijuana had started after the Epilepsy Foundation in the United States considered it in their latest statement.

In states where medical use of marijuana is legal as a treatment for epilepsy, a number of people living with epilepsy report beneficial effects, including a decrease in seizure activity, when using a marijuana strain high in cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. The Epilepsy Foundation supports legislation that would allow people living with epilepsy and uncontrolled seizures to gain access to this promising treatment option.

Whether it would be considered in the Philippines or not remains to be seen.

Besides the symposium on the topic regarding marijuana and epilepsy, the 2014 Epilepsy Exemplar Awards was also held, September 2 at the Crowne Plaze.  This awards night gives recognition to persons with epilepsy who have gone beyond their disease and have excelled in either their profession or in school.  

 The campaign did not end there as a National Epilepsy Week Camp was also conducted at the Queen Margarette Hotel in Lucena City, Quezon.  The camp is a whole day affair were lay delegates will be given lectures on epilepsy.  There will be also small group discussions that can be a venue for them to clarify issues that confront them in dealing with the disease.

Why should epilepsy be given such an attention anyway?

 Let me share with you a true to life story about someone who suffers from epilepsy and how it did change his life, 
One day at our office. I called my wife asking her to accompany me to our clinic because of not feeling well. On our way, I had a grand mal attack and loss consciousness at our lobby. Because of my size, my wife cannot carry me. My face struck the granite floor. There were blood everywhere. Some were scared, some even managed to help. And because of this event, they know now my condition. 
When I opened my eyes at the hospital, they told me what happen at the lobby. Also, we had a car accident on our way to the hospital. I must be one lucky individual to survive that. 
Starting that day, my condition tend to worsen. I have may seizures not just in the morning but also any time of the day. In addition, because of my medication, I have to monitor my liver closely. 
I nearly resigned from work because of others concern that it might be stress realted. Others also began to doubt my capabilities.

Now tell me, why it should not be a priority?  If you encountered someone who is suffering from an epilepsy attack be sure to follow the first aid as indicated in the image below:

These people deserves not our sympathy but our empathy.  If you want to help in raising awareness about epilepsy you can contact MARILYN H. ORTIZ, MD, FPPS, FCNSP, FPNA, President - Philippine League Against Epilepsy at

Let us unite in spreading awareness!

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