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Meet the new crime stopper - You!

Grouping enables you to set an instant neighbourhood watch and connect the local community towards an objective. 

While you might not know your neighbors or would not want to share your mobile number with them, there is a simple way to connect all of them instantly and start communication. One of the obvious uses is to alert the residents in neighbourhood of any criminal or anti-social behaviour that may occur. Anyone who has anything suspicious to report can instantly let others know.

But how do you connect them together? You don’t! You just tell them the name of group which you have created and they just join it and start participating immediately. No registration is required as everyone joins the group using their preferred social network name. 

Grouping is the mobile app which enables such groups. Someone just has to create a group by entering a name and description. Others can just search for it and join.  Examples are "Watch_Marikina_Manila", "OrtigasMandaluyong_Eyes" and "Lookout_Cebu_LapuLapuCity". 

"The result is not only a secured neighbourhood but also one with tighter bonding. Privacy is still maintained as your mobile number is not even used in the process. The local police can join these groups as easily as other members.” says Rajesh Soundararajan, co-founder of Grouping. 

Grouping app is available on both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from app stores or their site:  

Name: Grouping

Description: Grouping is a free and fast mobile messenger that enables you to rapidly create groups and start conversations beyond your phone contacts, all within 60 seconds. Grouping is designed for one purpose - to create rapid fast groups and start communication instantly. The process is faster than any instant messenger. Hundreds of users without any social connection between them can start to communicate within a minute through Grouping.

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