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US ELECTIONS 2012: Pres. Barack Obama Wins Second Debate

Incumbent United States president Barack Obama scored big in the second debate between him and Republican Candidate, Mitt Romney.  His largest margin was 62-35 percent against Romney on a CNBC website snap poll which garnered 33,000 votes.  Obama also edges Mitt Romney 37-30 percent on a CBS conducted poll.

Although President Barack Obama did a very good performance on the second presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney was said to be a candidate more favorable to the US economy 65-37 percent.  Obama is seen to be a candidate that is favorable to the Middle Class, 56-33 percent.

In another poll conducted by CNN, Obama also won by an 7 percent margin, 46-39 percent.  A parallel survey on whether the debate performance would really affect the actual votes in the November US elections rendered a tie.

In another news, Americans for Limited Government President, Bill Wilson issued an statement calling for CNN to fire debate moderator Candy Crowley.

"Crowley's behavior goes beyond despicable as it was a blatant attempt to influence the presidential election.  If CNN wants to maintain any shred of credibility as a 'news' organization, they should fire Crowley immediately for her gross violation of whatever remains of journalistic standards," says Wilson in an official statement.

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