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Why President Barack Obama should win in November 2012?

I am a Filipino citizen and yes some may say I do not have the right to say this nor enough knowledge to give  a comment on United States politics but there are TONS OF REASONS WHY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA SHOULD WIN THE NOVEMBER 2012 ELECTIONS.

1.  THE POOR IS AT RISK.  Following every move the Republicans had made which jeopardizes the poor people in favor of their rich supporters then you can see more of this if a Republican wins.  Obama had championed policies for the poor and in fact the disparity between the rich and the poor in the United States is improving.

2.  WORKERS ARE AT RISK.  The Republicans had blocked every effort to extend support for those who lost their jobs.  Remember the campaign for the Tier 5 which was blocked by Republicans?  President Barack Obama is someone who knows that the power of America is not only with those who have money but rests on those who exerts labor and effort so that physical good and services can be produced.
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3.  THE ENVIRONMENT IS AT RISK.  Republicans never cared about Climate Change and in fact they think it is a hoax.  As someone who experience and see directly the great change in climate pattern that we have I can say that it is definitely not a hoax.  Only through President Barack Obama did something happen about the stand for the environment in the United States and if he gains more support then the environment will wil in the process.

4.  BARACK OBAMA HAD ACCOMPLISHED GREAT THINGS.  President Barack Obama is like a miracle president. With so much politics happening and going around he did accomplished a lot.  Some of them includes health care reform, takeover and turnaround of the US auto industry,  the biggest stimulus package in history, a stunning reform to student aid, vast expansion of national services, tough new set of consumer protections on the credit card industry, and the new regulations on Wall Street.

5.  BETTER FOREIGN RELATIONS.  President Barack Obama did well in foreign relations.  Obama ended the war in Iraq and began US forces withdrawal in Afghanistan.  His administration also supported positive changes like the ouster of Gaddafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt.  He also tightened sanctions against Iran for its use of nukes.

Plus there are a bunch of reasons WHY BARACK OBAMA SHOULD WIN IN NOVEMBER 2012.  I invite you to read an article by the Washington Monthly entitled, "Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments."

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Now, why vote for another candidate when PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA did well.

Why won't you vote for Obama?

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