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EDITORIAL: Stop Fraternity Hazing Now!

Fraternity hazing has to be stopped right now, this instant!  There had been so many casualties already of this so called hostile brotherhood.  Just this week another student,  Marc Andrei Marcos, freshman law student of San Beda College (SBC) died Monday from injuries due to another hazing incident.

What's the point of hazing anyway?  Why do you have to inflict such terrible physical damage to someone only to prove a point of brotherhood?  Can someone tell me the reason for such a barbaric act?

It is common knowledge that almost all schools allows fraternities and most of these fraternities have hazing but no one cared.  No one tries to speak about them because it would either endanger their life or the leader of these fraternities and sororities are the high ups of the school or someone influential.  In the end it just continue to happen.

A poll on Inquirer asked if the Anti-Hazing Law should be amended and include any of the three choices they made.  I say why include all of them: (1) make leaders of fraternities and sororities responsible for the actions of their organizations; (2) totally ban hazing; and (3) ban fraternities and sororities espousing violence.  In any case, HAZING IS NOT A NECESSITY TO PROVE THE POINT OF BROTHERHOOD OR SISTERHOOD and I add my middle finger to those who shall say otherwise.  Pardon my tactlessness but the thing is I can never and will not understand why someone should die just because of this.

There are alternative ways in order to give test of acceptance to applicants of an organization.  These tests can be more rewarding and a greater experience and fulfillment to those who are supposed to be a future family member of an organization.

I personally take pride in Brotherhood of Destiny's (BROOD) examination process.  It has seven test of virtues which an applicant should undergo.  It tests the applicants endurance, loyalty and other values and at the same time make him prepared for the challenges of life.  It is in essence experiencing life's harshest moments during a brief period of time.  Never ever did it occurred to us to physically inflict severe damage on someone that we treasure as an incoming member of the organization.

Fraternities and sororities who use violence in their initiation rights should deeply rethink and reevaluate the core purpose of a fraternity or a sorority.  The definition itself of a fraternity contradicts hazing...

 A fraternity (or fraternal organization) is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social development of its members.


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