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Philippine NGO prepares youth and teachers to be peace builders

PeaceTech, a Philippine-based non-governmental and non-profit organization is preparing the youth as well as teachers to be peace builders.  PeaceTech recently conducted a National Teachers Training on Teaching Innovation for Peace and Values Education among 95 teachers from Taguig City, Quezon City, Manila, Cotabato City, Zamboanga City, Cebu City, Iligan City and Marawi City which aims to prepare the teachers together with the Department of Education for the Classroom Videoconference program.

PeaceTech Youth Ambassadors 2011
Meanwhile, 80 youth leaders were also gathered for a training to prepare them to become young peace ambassadors.  The training, National Youth Ambassadors Program for Peace (NYAPP) 2012 trains youth from key PeaceTech partner cities to make them young peace builders capable of lowering prejudice and discrimination and help high school students in PeaceTech schools and the Department of Education to implement Peace Clubs.

"We have more in common than we have in difference," is the most memorable phrase from Robin Pettyfer, the Canadian founder of PeaceTech.  In 2006, the program started under Assissi Foundation and was later on incorporated as PeaceTech Inc.

PeaceTech founder and Executive Director Robin Pettyfer
PeaceTech is also in partnership with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) in order to raise awareness and consciousness about the latest developments in the peace process in Mindanao.

Today, PeaceTech holds Classroom Videoconference in more than 32 classes per quarter with about 50 students per class.  In a year PeaceTech is reaching out to almost 6,500 students from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in bridging the gap of prejudice and discrimination between Muslims and non-Muslims.

PeaceTech also holds a Mass Videoconference involving 3,000 people from Manila and another 3,000 from Mindanao to discuss vital issues about Peace.  In 2011, PeaceTech held 4 Mass Videoconference.

With the end goal of mainstreaming the classroom videoconference into the Department of Education Curriculum in subjects like Values Education, Social Studies, English and others we might be seeing the possibility of greater understanding through the positive use of technology.

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