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Image of Virgin Mary Spotted in Laoag City's Sinking Bell Tower

A shot from blogger Azrael Coladilla reveals a startling discovery, it was the sight of an image of the Virgin Mary in the walls of the Sinking Bell Tower in Laoag, Ilocos Norte.  During frist glance we were not able to see the image of the Virgin Mary but if you observe the image in this article you can se an image on the second floor of the tower at the right side of the two windows.

Coladilla said that he heard the news lately about the rumored image of Mama Mary formed in the walls of the sinking bell tower in Laoag City and he later on learned the news at home in Manila.

"After my arrival. I told myself that if ever I knew about it, I maybe taking lots of photos and look for that image But minutes ago, I was checking my photos from my Ilocos Norte trip and manage it and ready for upload here in my Facebook album, then I spotted an image of Mama Mary on the walls of that bell tower, I took this photo during night time and didn't expected that I'll see her in my photos," said Coladilla.

Was it just reflections pooling tricks on us or was it really the Virgin Mary?  You decide.

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