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Silsilah announces Formation Program for Muslim and Christian Leaders 2012

Silsilah is starting  a new program for  Muslim and Christian leaders of  Mindanao to respond the  request of formation as a   concrete answer to the  World Interfaith Harmony Week  which was proposed   by the United Nations and also  implemented in Zamboanga City  by  the  National  Ulama Council of  the Philippines(NUCP) in partnership with Silsilah Dialogue Movement and  many other  institutions and  groups.

This program envisions the possibility to conduct seminar-workshops for leaders, giving priority to professionals and teachers of different schools and universities. It will be done in a creative way to help them understand the importance of seeing the connection between each own faith and the interfaith challenge of today. They will be invited to understand that dialogue and peace are not only needed for progress, but also a challenge coming from a proper understanding of the message of Love in Islam and Christianity. It requires a process of personal and social transformation.

Silsilah encourages  Christians to  rediscover  the  Beatitudes of Jesus  and   the  Muslims to  rediscover the Great Jihad to understand and  appreciate more the Culture of Dialogue and bring it in   society starting from the  Government agencies, schools, universities,  churches, mosques, institutions or groups   where each one  of them is  involved. Silsilah believes that there is no shortcut to peace. It has to have a foundation in  a deeper and better  understanding on the human and  spiritual  aspiration of life   guided  by the  center  believe of our two religions that is  the Love of God and the Love of neighbor. In this  formation program the   Muslim and Christian participants will   deepen  and share, in a  dynamic and creative way, their leanings  and share them  in  their own families and their working place as  a new challenge to  build up  a new leadership in the country  and prepare  youth to  live and promote   the Culture of  Dialogue, path to peace. The program aims to rediscover  the center part of  the Christian and Islamic religion,  encouraging leaders and professionals to overcome prejudices   and biases  through a sincere sharing where one can realize that   a “narrow” presentation of  our own religions  in the past and in the presence are  among the reason  of conflict  that some use  still now for vested interest and to   “re- educate”  the participants  to rediscover  the importance of  “Harmony in society” and  share to all, especially to the youth,  the importance to live and promote the Culture of  Dialogue, Path to peace.

There is  hope that the participants will internalize the  Formation Program and  share the realizations to   others with a  clear  presentation of  the message of Love  to  be deepened  by Muslims and Christians to a point that  they can be able to answer  to the questions  presented  in the Primer  prepared  for the  Interfaith Harmony Week  in Zamboanga  by the NUCP and other groups.  One of the most crucial question and answer of that primer is

Christian “mission” and Islamic “Da’wah” are  source of conflict or are they challenges for HARMONY, SOLIDARITY and PEACE?

Often in the past and also in recent history Christian mission and Islamic Da’wah have been a source of conflict due to a narrow interpretation of the two faiths or due to vested interest of leaders who used religion for their ambition and power . We are now celebrating interfaith harmony because we believe that we can live our faith as an arena of harmony, solidarity and peace. Thus, Christians have to continue to live their faith and share their “mission”, and Muslims too have to continue to live and share their faith in the spirit of “da’wah” while we are all guided by the “common word” of love of God and love of neighbor.

May this new program be a beginning of a new style of life in society to live and   promote the Culture of Dialogue, Path to Peace.

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