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Nuffnang Philippines gets scammed, cries foul in web forgery

Nuffnang, one of the primary advertising agency and platform in the Philippines and some countries in Asia had been scammed and attacked by web forgery.  The website which is imitates the original Nuffnang website in the Philippines,

Nuffnang administrators said that the attack was an eventual attempt to do phising attacks and gather a huge blogger database and exploit blogger's profit using the Nuffnang name.

The technique is that the site sends a forged Nuffnang email which contains “new banner codes”. stresses that they have not send any such e-mail.  "This is an attempt at asking you to register to their database. The link it leads to is," says the statement from the Nuffnang official website. already asked its blogger community and other concerned individuals to help them address the issue.  For ways you can help, you can visit their official NUFFNANG.COM.PH ANNOUNCEMENT.

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