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White House: Book on Obamas 'Over-Hyped'

WASHINGTON - A new book which described tension between first lady Michelle Obama and top political aides was branded as "over-hyped" by the administration.  The White House said that the relationship between Barrack Obama's first lady, Michelle and his aides was largely harmonious.

One of the issues being raised in the book was a supposed secret Alice in Wonderland Halloween party for kids which was attended by actor Johnny Depp in a Mad Hatter's costume.  The White House allegedly made it secret since it might offend Americans who are being affected heavily by recession.

New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor who published "The Obama's" promised to shed a light on the Obama marriage and the ongoing struggle between the offices of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

"There are outlets that have reported this as a secret party, which is just silly," said Carney. "The focus was on military families and their kids and it was not on publicity outside of here."

Kantor wrote in excerpts of the book in the New York Times that Michelle Obama "cherished the idea of her husband as a transformational figure" but battled with White House advisers on deals he had cut with Republicans.

The major problem?  Well the book alleged that first lady Michelle Obama has growing anxiety over her own vision of her husband's presidency and what he could actually deliver in a time like this.

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