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Tsunami Relief Funds Used to Kill Whales?

More than a year ago, Japan had suffered from a major disaster from a Tsunami and an earthquake.  Many people had helped from around the world.  However, how would you feel if the funds you donated where being used to kill whales?

According to a BBC report, Japan is using funds from its tsunami recovery budget for its annual whaling programme.  This expose was released by known activist group, Green Peace.

Meanwhile, in an effort to finally stop this, Avaaz, a known online advocacy petition site had launched a signature campaign to call the attention of the world into this issue.  According to Avaaz, the Japanese whaling fleet continuous to barrel and hunt thousand of majestic whales.  In doing this they are escored by a 30 million dollar security force paid for out of the same tsunami disaster fund.

"If we can stop the whaling security and get the relief money back for desperate Japanese citizens still languishing in radioactive hotspots, we could help end the whale hunt for good. Japanese PM Noda is already under enormous pressure after scandalous failures to compensate victims of the nuclear disaster. A massive global outcry can spark outrage inside and outside Japan and force Noda to use precious relief funds to save people, not kill whales," said Avaaz on its petition call.

Avaaz, Green Peace and other concerned groups and individuals are inviting people to sign the petition and forward to everyone.  Here is the link to the petition

For more information on this issue you can check out the following links:

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