Breaking News Spices Up eBay Philippines

eBay Philippines had formally introduced a new group buying feature in its website, Kuponan at  The site provides users with options to buy services, products and other items at great discount.  Not only that eBay Philippines through Kuponan also opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses as well. features hot deals from travel and leisure, books, movies, gadgets, health, and more.  Imagine getting that dream vacation for only half the price or even lower than that.

So what is eBay Kuponan?

This website is a group buying feature on eBay Philippines site.  When you say "group buying" it means collective buying, group purchasing, or group coupon.  Through this new feature merchants on site sell large volumes of their products or services in a very short span of time, resulting in great promotions. To take advantage of this feature, all you need to do is click the ‘Buy It’ button and become a part of the group. You do not have to form a group yourself. Anyone who signs up for the deal is counted in. Once the minimum number of people signs in for the same deal, you all reap the benefits.

Take for example a P6,398 3D/2N per pax Hotel Accomodation with Coron Island Tour is only worth P3199 per pax at  To avail that all you have to do is be a member of eBay Philippines or if you are not yet a member you can SIGN UP HERE.  After that you just need to click "Pay Now" at the deal on the right and then pay the rest to the merchant directly.  Imagine just paying P999 upfront and then pay the rest later.

This package includes roundtrip transfer, 3D/2N Hotel accommodation at Kokusnuss Resort, and daily breakfast.

With the new group buying feature, eBay Philippines is also luring businesses and merchants into it.  According to eBay Philippines businesses will take advantage of eBay Kuponan promotion tool because in a short period of time, with less effort, they will be earning more customers and sales.

So how does eBay Kuponan works for businesses?

The business will tell eBay Kuponan of the number of customers they require in order for them to offer their product or service with 50% off. Now once the given number is reached, eBay Kuponan will be asking for a very minimal commission for eBay Kuponan to earn from the promotion.

Businesses in the real sense will not get as much an income as they used to do in their normal course of business however, the real value for using eBay Kuponan’s feature to promote a business seems to be in the effective means to gain new customers, the opportunity to convert them into return customers. It also includes a possible long-term effect of word of mouth advertising that results from these types of promotions that are able to attract new customers.

Whether you will use eBay Philippines' Kuponan as a seller or as a buyer there will always be benefits.  If you want to know more about it check out the FAQ here.

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