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Farewell Steve Jobs of Apple (1955-2011)

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Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple is definitely a man which dies a legend and which had changed the world.  During the past two years, Steve Jobs had revolutionized the world with Apple's new inventions like iTunes, iPad and the iPhone.  These perhaps would be the works which will make the world remember him.

The visionary, Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer, October 5, 2011.  He was 56 years old and was regarded worldwide as a visionary, genius, and pioneer.

Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula and Steve Jobs were the one which developed and marketer one of the first commercially successful lines of personal computers in the late 1970s.  He was also critical to the development and wide use of the Xerox PARC's mouse-driven graphical interface which led to the creation of the Macintosh.

In 1985 however, Steve Jobs was kicked out of Apple after a grueling power struggle with its board of directors.  After that he never ceased to continue his work and in fact he established Pixar Animation Studios.  Pixar as we know had been one of the most successful animation studios in the world producing movies like Wall E, among many others.  Then, in 2006 when Walt Disney acquired Pixas he became the largest individual shareholder of Disney at 7% and became a member of its Board of Directors.

Jobs visionary style and attitude and Apple's deterioration in the 1990s led to Jobs being back at Apple when NeXT buyout the company.  Jobs served as its CEO from 1997 until 2011.

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