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Libya, third country to fall because of the social media revolution

Libya and Moammar Gaddafi is the trid country to fall because of the so called, "social media revolution."  The unrest in the Middle East was started by a Tunisian fruit vendor by the name of Mohamed Bouazizi.  Bouazizi set himself on fire on December 17, 2010 in protest of the confiscation of his goods and the injustice committed to him by a municipal official and her aides.

His single act which was highlighted on Facebook and Twitter become the catalyst for the Tunisian Revolution which ousted then-resident Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.  After these Egypt followed a few weeks after and then several other nations followed.  Libya was one of them.

Unlike Egypt and Tunisia however, Libya had been one of the bloodiest revolution yet.  Thousand of people had been killed in the process due to the insistence of Gadaffi to hold on to power.  The Libyan government employed snipers, artillery, helicopter gunships, warplanes, anti-aircraft weaponry, and warships against demonstrations and funeral processions.  There were also report of rapes and torture on prisons as well as the use of mercenaries to kill protesters.  In order to further forged descent, military commanders executed their own soldier who are deemed sympathetic to the rebels.

The Libyan protest and revolution just started because of the upset in a housing development plan but the revolution took foot when the internet was used to emphasize a call for protest.  Jamal al-Hajji, a writer and political commentated called on the internet for demonstrations to support the freedom of Libya.  He was inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolution.

On Augus 24, 2011, the flag of the former Kingdom of Libya was raised in the capital of Tripoli and in various Libyan embassies around the world.  It is a proof that indeed a single inspiration can enact change.

Social media revolution had been at its top this year and the power of social media particularly Tweeter and Facebook had been very evident.  These social media networks had been crucial for the spread and fast mobilization.  It can't be denied that these medium will be used since most of those who are at the forefront of the revolution belongs to the youth sector.

Syria is seen as one of the next countries to fall into freedom based on the inspiration brought by Mohamed Bouazizi.  In fact, Bouazizi were hailed by some Arab commentators as "heroic martyrs of a new Middle Eastern revolution."

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