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DTI and Janette Toral provokes discussion on Bloggers Online Permits

A recent posting of Janette Toral on her blog regarding Philippine's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) requirement for bloggers had been the subject of the latest discussion among bloggers. The requirement will require blogger to acquire necessary permits from the DTI before they can run any online contests on their blogs.

"Bloggers and individuals who want to carry out an online promotion, under their personal name, needs to present a Mayor's Permit and all documents necessary when applying for a DTI Sales Promotion Permit as stated in the corresponding application form," as posted in Janet's blog.

Beatrice Margarita Venturanza Lapa on the post said, "So I want to de-clutter my room from all the freebies I've been getting. I don't think I should be punished for it by being asked to apply for a DTI permit (which would probably cost more than the items I'm trying to get rid of). There is hardly any profit involved in that. I do know that I do spend money to have these items shipped. So please, DTI reps, get your hands off my personal time and go concentrate on something that's more important."

"I think I should just place in my contests that "i did not secure a DTI permit for this blog promo. join at your own risk... you may always check my blog promo portfolio and testimonials for reviews about the legitimacy of my giveaway," Pepsi de Leon said.

Lots of other bloggers are mystified by the sudden interest of DTI in blogger's contests and the corresponding permits. There are even questions as to why a blogger, Janette Toral seem to be siding in favor of DTI and why did she went to the DTI herself to talk about this issue.

Toral had been one of the pioneer bloggers in the Philippines and had been the founder of Digital Filipino. She undoubtedly had also been earning money as a professional blogger through memberships, posts and others. There are also those who are questioning Toral's real intentions on this issues, and others are claiming that it is all just a rumor or a way to drive blog traffic.

Surely, the issue would continue to be one of the most talk about topic in the Philippine blogosphere in the succeeding days and weeks. A meeting was even set on August 5 together with DTI to talk about this issue.

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