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Japan nuclear alert on its highest level

The Japanese government had finally raised the alert of the embattled nuclear power plant at Fukishima Daichi to level 7. This level is so far the highest level ever of a nuclear radiation alert and brings it as far with the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency announced the latest development last Tuesday. Fukishima Daichi is formerly at alert level 5. The agency however clarified that the radiation released by the plant is currently only at 10% of what was released at Chernobyl.

This is what is a common scene in most of the towns affected by radiation.

It was also indicated that, the amount of radioactive Cesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years, is about one-seventh the amount released at Chernobyl.

The Anatomy of a ghost town from CNN. Read more about this latest news at

Although it seems to be not that big, the radiation is now affecting air, water and even products from the area. The effects of radiation is seen to reach a 100-kilometer radius from the plant.

Meanwhile, scientists clarify that in the worst case scenario that the Fukishima Daichi plant will explode, it is very remote that the radiation will reach other countries.

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